All Nighter

Exam Study Tips: Snooze It or Lose It!
The all nighter, sleep deprivation, and last minute cramming are all typical approaches to exam time, but brain research shows that a tired brain is an ineffective brain. By planning ahead,  studying over several days, and getting plenty of rest, your child’s brain will be primed for success.

During sleep the hippocampus takes everything the brain learned during the day and refires/reactivates neural networks over and over, consolidating information into long term memory. If networks are not allowed to refire and reactivate during sleep, they will weaken and information will be lost.
How does this apply to exam prep? More days of studying followed by more nights of rest translates into more information stored in long-term memory!How much sleep is recommended? 9.2 hours for adolescents, 7-8 for adults….you have to enter the REM phase for the hippocampus to work effectively.

What else does sleep affect? Creativity and emotions, even eating disorders (binge eating, obesity). Tired people also have trouble with impulsivity, attention, and perseveration (getting stuck on something).
Advance preparation is the key to being able to study effectively AND get enough rest. By having all materials gathered and organized, having tests and study materials corrected, and having questions about format and content of exams answered prior to actual studying, your child will be able to fit a good night’s rest into his or her study schedule.
To help facilitate advance exam prep, Marianne P. Sperry & Associates is hosting an Exam Prep Session on May 13 from 6:30-8:00 for grades 6-12 at their office. For more information call 356-6339 or go to

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