Book Club For Kids

Starting a book club for kids could be a great way to encourage and engage your child in reading. Not only are bookclubs a fun, social activity, they are also a great way for your child to interact with the text, which increases comprehension. 
  • Gather 4-6 readers if possible
  • Have them decide on a book from a booklist (the library has booklists available if your child does not have a requirement). They may need some guidance but let them lead the discussion as much as possible.
  • Help them set a meeting and reading schedule
  • Provide art supplies, dress up clothes, snacks, etc
  • Come up with fun places to hold the meetings (a park, a coffeehouse—they can order steamers or frappacinos and feel like an adult book club)
  • Help them preview the books…go to Amazon and read summaries or reviews, research settings or eras related to the book online, have them use the front/back cover info to act out a “preview” of the book.
  • Have them draw pictures of important events/characters, act out scenes, write letters to the authors or characters, create character trading cards, create a large timeline of events on a roll of craft paper.
  • Let them take turns leading the discussion. They can prepare questions and activities in advance.
  • great templates to create book covers, trading cards, story maps and more.
  • Plan activities upon completion of the book—a field trip, the movie version, or just a party.

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